Machinery HireĀ Tea Tree Gully


earth digger offers a wide range of machinery to meet the jobs that helps in site preparations, cleaning and installing. For earth moving to rubbish removal, all jobs are made easy by our advanced machines on site. These machines will not only make work easy but also save your time and money. At most time when the job is regarding rubbish cleaning, after work there is a huge pile of unwanted rubbish left. So the best way to dispose is to load the much in the truck and get rid of it as fast as possible. Doing the disposing work manually can take hours, so there are lift cranes which helps to clean fast. Our packages are designed to take up and dig or small projects, we have solutions for all. We tend to tailor our services according to your requirements and our expertise will use the right machines to get the job delivered. List of Machines Hire that we have:

1: 843 Bobcat 1.7 wide bucket +4 in one bucket
2: Auger drive with 150mm,300mm,450mm600mm can reach2.5mts deep
3: K9-4 Dingo Auger Drive +Augers 150mm,300mm,450mm,600mm
4: Endless chain Trencher
5: Sand spreader
6: Excavator arm + 300mm bucket and Rippers
7: Concrete sleeper lifter
8: Laser level
9: Hino 8 Tonne Tipper