Turf Installation Tea Tree Gully

laying new turf

Earth Diggers is South Australian family owned earthmoving and landscape management company. With years of experience and very efficient and highly skillful land maintenance operates we provide our customers satisfactory services in affordable rates. We Earth diggers are not just soil movers- we also provide our purchasers with high quality professional Turf Installation services. As our team members are fully trained they always present our customers with finest turfs with highest quality finishing touch. Our range of turf services are for both big and small
plots. Our turfs team operates will provide our customers with full turf installation from scratch. We will visit your plot, listen to your installation specifications and will get your work done on a given time frame. We give the best of turfs on the market, which will leave you with comfort and confidence to show off your plot and make it occasion ready not only that it will also increase your property value..